Common Questions

Find answers to the questions you have about the memorial.

What is the Kentucky Memorial for the Unborn?

The memorial provides a place of remembrance and closure for those who are grieving over the painful loss of an unborn child.  Having a place to go and remember the unborn created in the image of God can bring healing to those who are mourning and can serve as a lasting tribute that each child is precious and not forgotten.

Where is the memorial located?

The historic Frankfort Cemetery is the home of the Kentucky Memorial for the Unborn in a beautiful new section overlooking the Kentucky River and the Capital city. The cemetery is located at 215 E. Main St. near the Capitol Building.

What does the design represent?

The memorial is uniquely designed in the shape of a womb, the hidden place that nurtures and protects the beginning of human life. The beautiful garden features a life-size bronze statue of Rachel Weeping for her Children and a granite memorial wall on which family members can inscribe messages in memory of their unborn children.

Why are many grieving?

The loss of a child before birth can be debilitating for those who suffer miscarriage, stillbirth and broken dreams, and unexpectedly devastating for those who regret their abortions and suffer guilt, shame and broken hearts. Sometimes the heartache and grief are more than anyone could have expected, especially when the burden is carried all alone.

How can you help?

You can help by sending a tax-deductible contribution to the Kentucky Memorial for the Unborn, P.O. Box 910312, Lexington, KY 40591-0312, and by serving as a volunteer.